SCA Seal

We are Sayers Classical Academy (SCA), formerly known as Dorothy Sayers Classical School. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, SCA provides a rigorous classical education for students in Pre-K through 12th grade. Our first class began in January of 1991 with about 25 students, and has since grown to nearly 300 students today. Much has changed since our beginnings; however, our commitment of providing an exceptional classical education at the lowest possible cost has remained the same throughout our history. Parents help to make this possible by providing guidance, oversight, and educational instruction to their child by following the coursework instructions sent home by the SCA tutors. At SCA, students have the opportunity to accomplish high academic goals as they also learn and develop their talents in the arts, athletics, and Christian outreach (through mission trips and other service-oriented activities).

We think you will discover that SCA is a unique place where students thrive in an environment that seeks to keep their heart and mind devoted to God and family.
known for balancing rigorous academics with student and family support.
about building community through academic work, play, fellowship, and individual successes that are focused on the common good.

Our Core Values

There are three words that define the SCA experience: Christ, Classics, and Community.


Christ is first because he alone can hold this honor. Sayers Classical Academy seeks to honor Christ as Lord in every endeavor, and sees the spiritual and academic life intertwined for the expressed purpose of learning to love the Lord with all of one’s heart and mind (Matthew 22:37).


Both the time-honored literature and the approach to teaching at SCA are expressed in this one word. Classical literature helps us in our hunt for unalterable truth. Clearly, the Word of God is the source of all truth, but knowing that men of all ages struggled and mused over the same questions that plague us moderns helps the students to think more thoroughly and maturely about ethical arguments. The purpose of reading the classics is to give the students a better understanding of what it is to be human and that the human condition is universal. Most importantly, classical literature makes it clear that humans need a god. Taught from a biblical worldview, classical literature causes the students to wrestle with truth and think of Christ and his redemptive work in the human experience. Socratically lead discussions help the students to form their own conclusions. This helps to avoid the making of “textbook Christians” and gives honor to the work of the Holy Spirit in each individual’s life. Integrating faith and reason teaches both the heart and the mind to accept, appreciate and hold on to the heavenly grace of faith in Christ.


The commonality found in the community of Sayers Classical Academy is first and foremost Jesus Christ as Lord. SCA families, administrative staff, and tutors come from a variety of different churches and denominations within the evangelical Christian community. The common thread that binds the community together is a desire to live by biblical principles and values that display an authentic and dynamic Christian life. Furthermore, the community shares common interests, desires, and application of biblical truth as it relates to marriage, family, childrearing, and rigorous academic methods and goals. SCA parents do the hard work of teaching biblical morality and values in the home where at least 50% of the child’s academic education is received. SCA maintains and nurtures these values both in and out of the classroom. This unity of home and “school” gives a greater opportunity for the community of SCA to help protect the moral innocence of all students. Being rooted in these principals is a distinguishing mark of the community of Sayers Classical Academy.