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Family Reviews

SCA parents recognize the value of their child’s education.

The Perfect Blend

We really loved the educational process, as well as the educational outcomes for our kids. The reason that we picked Sayers is because it offered us a perfect blend of the homeschool experience and also the private school experience.

Kent Evans
SCA Parent of 5

What You and They See

What I love about Sayers is the mission statement. It rings so true to what you see at Sayers. The first line of it is under the authority of Scripture and the lordship of Jesus Christ. You see that in everything that’s done. You see that in the tutors and the teachers. They see the same types of things in their tutors as they see in their parents.

Tim Byron
SCA Parent of 3

The Entire Package

When we evaluated the entire Sayers package, from what they teach our children, to how they teach our children, we found Sayers just to be the premier choice in the Louisville area for us to utilize.

Jason & Karen Allen
SCA parent of 5

A classical christian education is a gift your child will open for the rest of their life.

Mrs. Lawson

Founder & Director