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Our Story

How It All Began

An Unexpected Opportunity

Homeschooling was an unexpected opportunity that we were grateful to have received. Our homeschooling experience began when our oldest son attended an elementary public school. Just weeks into the school year, it was clear something was wrong. He shared about class discussions and projects that made him uncomfortable and certainly not in line with what he knew to be right and true. After speaking with the teacher a couple of times, to my horror, I discovered she was an occultist.

Despite availability of curriculum, lack of support, and truancy concerns, we withdrew him to teach him at home. To our delight, it was an incredible year of learning and trusting God in ways we had not experienced. The following year my husband took a position as a worship leader in another state and enrolled our son in a Christian school.

Later we decided to homeschool our two younger children. The extreme cost we were paying for a private Christian education did not provide the academic or community experience we had hoped our children would receive. Deciding to homeschool was easier this time around.

I was encouraged by the abundance of available resources, and I knew several people homeschooling. I dove into the deep end and spent months researching educational pedagogy and curricula.

Before long, I discovered classical methodology! I was instantly drawn to it and sought to understand the depth and beauty of a history-based idea-oriented educational model with a pedagogy that teaches students how to learn and think. I moved forward on the path of classical learning, trusting its promise to teach us how to learn and grow in wisdom.

The aim of educations is make the pupil like what they ought and dislike what they ought. We always pursue what we love and when we love that which is good, we cause earth to reflect heaven.”     - Aristotle

Classical Education

My Education Too!

I quickly realized homeschooling would be my chance to receive a real education. I began to implement the classical pedagogy and methodology into our history, literature, Latin, and composition studies.

I loved every aspect of learning and teaching but soon realized I had a growing problem. It took me five times longer to prepare to teach than to actually teach. To my surprise, this was especially true with Latin. The solution was to hire a tutor, but I was shocked at the cost.

Private Group Tutoring

I then had an idea. I would find a Latin tutor to teach one class per week to groups of students, and all would share the cost. I would take care of the logistics, secure a location to meet, select the curriculum, and find the students.

I spoke to a local homeschooling group explaining how this method would be cost-effective and reclaim a mother’s time by lowering the time spent preparing to teach, test, and grade.

“That is the one eternal education to be sure enough that something is true that you dare to tell it to a child.”    - G.K. Chesterton

Sowing & Reaping

Setting Standards

The tutor set the standard and the parents held the students to the standard.

The parents’ responsibility was to oversee the students’ work at home, making sure all assigned work was understood and completed and the student was ready for subsequent tutoring sessions. Within days twenty-five students signed up for the class. As the semester went by, the benefits of tutoring became clear.

I liked that my children were not away from home nine hours a day, five days a week. They enjoyed learning in this setting, and the other students challenged them and increased their interest in the subject.

Growing Pains

A Time For Change

By the end of the first semester, I presented the idea of math and science tutoring. Before long, enrollment grew to seventy-five students in the various subjects. Our little gathering of students quickly became known as “The Cottage School.”

Over the next few years, the list of class offerings grew, and so did enrollment. The little Cottage School soon had grown to over three hundred students attending various classes.

With the growth came the realization that the families did not know one another, and the students began to form cliques. To stop drifting away from my initial mission, I had to decrease the enrollment numbers.

A smaller community would allow parents to know one another genuinely, know their childrens’ tutors, and for young people to be willing to form friendships based upon a person’s character.

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to the next.”    - G.K. Chesterton


Aligning to Classical Roots

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason so few engage in it.”     - Henry Ford, Inventor

I began to understand that classical education is not the taking of a class here and another one of interest later. Classical education requires every student to follow a prescribed course of studies, with students in a particular grade studying the same disciplines together.

Students who read great books, write on the same subjects, and exchange ideas form relationships from noble ideas rather than shared interests. I had to offer an authentic Classical Christian Education to realize my vision.

Classical Christian Education presents its students with opportunities to think deeply and understand what it means to be wholly human, combining the works of the mind, soul, and spirit.

“Intertwining the life of the mind with biblical truth encourages students to press on in their studies and prepare to live a full and useful life for the glory and purpose of God.”     - Sandra Lawson, Founder & Director

Part-Time vs. Full-Time

SCA Believes in Parents

“Don’t underestimate the intellectual abilities of your children nor your own to meet the needs of your child’s education.”     - Sandra Lawson, Founder & Director

SCA is devoted to homeschooling families seeking an exceptional Classical Christian Education while having their children home more than 50% of the time.

5-Day Week Schools

It is eye-opening to realize that children ages 6 - 18 are out of the home and under the influence of others for 5.5 + years of their 12 formative years.

A Different Road

SCA equips and provides a way for parents to reclaim this lost time - an opportunity to be more present and intrinsically involved in their children’s lives.

“Christ, Classics and Community are more than a motto; they state SCA’s foundational principles. Over the past 30+ years, our dedication to these principles and homeschooling families remain firm.”     - Sandra Lawson, Founder & Director

A Personal Invitation

I want to personally extend an invitation to Christian families to come and experience the delights of an exceptional Classical Christian Education in a caring community where parents are supported, and friendships last a lifetime.

“If our vision of a Classical Christian Education resonates with you, I invite you to come and experience SCA. I hope to meet you at our next Perspective Families Meeting.”     - Sandra Lawson, Founder & Director

Two Promises

Giving a Legacy

“A proper classical Christian education is a gift your child will open for the rest of their lives.”     - Sandra Lawson, Founder & Director

SCA began out of a personal need and will continue because the board, administrative staff, and dedicated families desire to help Christian homeschooling families.

Parents are willing to pay more and get less for education than any other commodity they will ever purchase (Mortimer Adler).

I make two promises.

To The Parent

ONE - You will get more for your money than you paid for.

To The Student

TWO - I promise, I will not waste your youth.

Present Day

Continuing a Legacy

As with every vision, it comes to fruition through the work of many. My family worked tirelessly and continues to serve the community. Dear friends and dedicated families have also worked faithfully and joyfully for the SCA community.

By God’s grace and mercy, this work continues.

“Countless others continue to believe in the SCA Vision and serve the community in every possible way. I remain indebted to their love and devotion for helping to make SCA one of the premier schools in the region.”     - Sandra Lawson, Founder & Director