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Community Agreements

To foster unity, we ask parents to read and be in agreement before seeking enrollment.

  1. Statement of Faith
  2. SCA & Parent Responsibilities
  3. Student Conduct

Student Conduct

The Highest of Standards

The highest standards of conduct are expected from SCA students. These standards apply to both “school” and “non-school” related social activities where unacceptable behavior might bring shame upon the name of Christ.

Prohibited Activities

On and Off Campus

SCA Conduct System

First Time Obedience

If a student is resistant in submission to the rules and guidelines of SCA, it is respectfully asked that the family not enroll the child. SCA’s goal is first time obedience. As an encouragement for the students to reach this standard, teachers may, at their discretion, use the following conduct system:

Scripture Memorization

Four Year Rotation

SCA believes that the practice of memorizing extended passages of Scripture (rather than only isolated verses) empowers students to better understand the context for particular statements and allows them to trace the flow of thought that the Holy Spirit has communicated. Grades 1-12 memorize the following passages.