Our Art Program

Classical Atelier Instruction

The Meaning of Atelier

Atelier (uh-teh-lee-aay), a French term that simply means studio, describes the particular techniques used to train the masters of the Renaissance (14th - 17th century) through the 19th century. SCA students receive classical atelier instruction.

Atelier Benefits

The discovery of art is an exciting subject for every student, because it is taught in a way that every student can learn, regardless of talent.


A typical modern-day art class celebrates above all, individualism and originality.

Classical Atelier

A Classical Atelier classroom celebrates a humble willingness to learn, and instructs our hearts in the love of what is true, beautiful, and good.

After several years, the art produced by the student through atelier training is a wonder to behold; however, the greatest work of all is what is done within the student.

Concepts & Skills

Developed in Each Stage

Grammar Stage (1st-4th Grade)

Logic Stage (5th-8th Grade)

Rhetoric Stage (9th-12th Grade)

All great art is a work of the whole living creature, body and soul, and chiefly of the soul.

John Ruskin

English Writer & Art Critic