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The Grammar Stage

PreK - 4th Grade

Although the three parts of the trivium are applied to all learning for all students (regardless of age), they are most often understood in application to the developmental age of the students.

The Foundation

Our Grammar stage lays the foundation for all future studies.

The first stage, grammar, is not the “subject” of grammar; rather, it is the study of the basic facts of different subjects.

* Science through observation allows students to appreciate the vastness of God’s creation around them. In this way, science fulfills the students' curiosity and deepens their awesome wonder of the world.

The aim at this stage is to give the students the tools to master the elements of language and to develop a general framework of knowledge. Along the way, students are taught and expected to make an application of logic and rhetoric, so as each student matures, mastery of these elements emerges.


Our goal in preschool is to prepare students for the coming rigors of school by creating in them an

We accomplish this by working on various skills.

Subject Introductions

The outline below shows when subjects/concepts are introduced.

Grammar Subjects
Pre-K - Phonological Awareness Skills
- Rhyming and Rhythm
- Syllabication
- Breaking Sentences into Words
- Basic Number Skills
- Music
- 26 Phonograms
- Fine and Gross Motor Skills
- Exploring God’s Creation Through Science
- Simple Bible Stories
Kindergarten Additionally:
- 55 Phonograms
- Penmanship Clock Method
- Master Faster Spelling Program
- Oral Reading
- Dictation
- Logic
- Saxon Math
- Science: 7 Days of Creation
- Choir (Sing the Word)
- Memory (ABC’s of Scripture)
- Art (Craft & Fine Motor Skills)
- Grammar
1st Additionally:
- 72 Phonograms
- Oral Reading Sheets
- Science: Apologia Science Rotation
- Choir (Fundamentals)
- Scripture Memory
- Art
- Latin
2nd Additionally:
- Greek and Latin roots
- McGuffey Reader & Chapter Books
- Italic Print
3rd Additionally:
- Lessons in Writing
- Aesop’s Fables
- Italic Cursive
4th Additionally:
- Science: Apologia’s Human Body
- Grammar: Bridge to the Latin Road
- History: Kentucky
- Geography: Kentucky
- Literature: Integrated with History & Geography
- Choir: Singing & Studying Famous Composers
- Music: Beginning Recorder

Phonogram Training

Parents enrolling students in grades K - 4th are required to attend phonogram training. Training session dates are announced in early spring.

Training and testing is part of our Application Process.

Phonogram Testing

All newly enrolled students entering grades first through fourth must pass a phonogram proficiency test.

Classroom Observation

Information on dates and times will be received after classes begin.