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SCA Principles

Why We’re Different

  1. Inherent Value
  2. Classical & Christian
  3. Academic Expectation
  4. Parental Involvement
Principle #1

Inherent Value

Being made in the image of God inherently places value on the mind’s God-given, natural ability to learn.

“Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.”
God, Genesis 1:26

Principle #2

Classical & Christian

For over 30 years, our classically developed curriculum…

The scope and sequence integrates and balances the disciplines in both the trivium and quadrivium.

“The trivium consists of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, while the quadrivium consists of arithmetic, astronomy, music, and geometry.”
Dr. Lehman, Hillsdale College

Principle #3

Parental Involvement

A Classical Christian education that is disciplined and thoughtful requires daily encouragement and nurturing. Tutors can help your student along the way, but they cannot fulfill the God-given parental role to know, help, and love your child.

Our hybrid homeschool and onsite learning combination…

As SCA parents, you’ll be intrinsically involved in your student’s day-to-day academic and spiritual disciplines. To have its way in the heart and mind of students, Classic Christian Education must be parent guided, not child driven. Our community works together to help and encourage one another in the most serious, most rewarding, and at times, difficult, assignment of parenting.

“The hardest things we humans will ever do is think.”
Martin Adler, American Philosopher & Educator

Principle #4

Academic Expectation

Based upon the above truths, the expectation for each child is to learn well. When a child is young, the responsibility of ensuring understanding is heavily placed on the adult. As a child grows physiologically and in knowledge, the responsibility to understand naturally transfers to the student.

This transfer is achieved by assigning the proper weight at each level of the trivium/quadrivium.

“One is incapable of holding their own bar and reaching their full potential. We hold the bar, taking the student higher than they can go alone.”
Mrs. Sandra Lawson, Founder

National Testing

Our principals naturally equip students to perform well on standardized tests (ACT/SAT), but we do not believe their output is a good metric for evaluating a Classical Christian education. We understand you may have more questions; please do not hesitate to ask.

There is no need to suppose that human beings differ very much one from another; but it is true that the ones who come out on top are the ones who have been trained in the hardest schools."


(circa 400 B.C.)