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The Trivium

Three Stages

Central to the classical tradition is the the trivium, the three unique stages of learning.

  1. Grammar (foundational thinking)
  2. Logic (formulating arguments)
  3. Rhetoric (expressing complex concepts)

The mastery of something new always moves the learner through each stage: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

The beauty of the trivium process is its inherant ability to develop the intellectual capabilities which guide the student in using the tools of learning. SCA is mindful of these stages of development and assign the appropriate weight in the design and modification of our curriculum.

“The desirable fruit of a Classical Christian Education is it moves the student from study for their own sake towards the greater work of the soul to be a willing disciple sitting under one more wise.”
Sandra Lawson, Founder and Director

Grammar Stage

Grammar students will build a strong foundation, beginning with the basics of spelling, reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as an emphasis upon memorization, observations and developing logic skills.

Logic Stage

Students entering the second stage of the trivium, the logic stage, while continuing to build upon the foundational skills, will be taught how to reason from a logical and explicitly Christian perspective. Socratic pedagogy will be used to lead the students in understanding the ordered relationships between ideas and events.

Rheteric Stage

Rhetoric students will continue learning under Socratic pedagogy to complete a multi-year study of classical rhetoric and will be given the opportunity to explore and evaluate original and profound ideas.